Our features

Beacon is any device that sends a signal, which another device can use to know the Beacon’s location. By making use of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals, our Beacons are able to connect with smartphones and alike. Given that many people have smartphones on their side, makes Beacons extremely suitable across multiple industries.

Greater user reach

Whereas other Beacons solely connect with devices that have Bluetooth turned on, BeaconActive also works with a low-energy variant of Wi-Fi. This greatly increases the user reach.

Waterproof casing

Our Beacon cases are fully waterproof, which means the BeaconActive is also suitable for outdoor usage.

Integrates sensors

Our Beacon is able to include a large range of sensors (e.g. temperature or CO2).This opens up a large range of applications in a variety of industries.

Battery life

Our batteries ensure that each Beacon lasts over one year, which are moreover easy replaceable.

Long beacon range

While the average Beacon range in the market is 70 meters, our 100 meter range will allow for an improved reach and a lower number of required Beacon deployments.

Lifetime guarantee

In the unlikely case of a defect, we will directly send a replacement – free of charge.

Platform included

Our Beacons are delivered together with an intuitive Platform, on which you have the possibility to have a clear overview of all Beacons installed. Moreover, you will be able to access the Platform on any device.

Works without app

Instead of merely being able to communicate with an installed App, our Beacon can send out website links as well. This means that BeaconActive interacts with users that do not have an App installed.

Our prices

Choose the quantity you desire to buy a beacon
Or try a sample for test and evaluation at our 50+ unit price


Battery (CR2032) included
Delivery time: eddystone format 4 weeks/customized format 6 to 8 weeks
The system can be customized according to client requirement if needed
Prices don´t include case or shipment


Beacon Active demo

Our industries


Being indoor and convering an inmense space with numerous passengers, the use of Beacons in the airport industry offers various opportunities.


Wether it’s sports event, trade fair or exhibitions, these events all involve many people, together with their smartphones. This creates an opportunity to enhance the experience of your visitors by using Beacons.


Keeping close contact to guests is of utmost importance in the hospitality industry. Beacons are the perfect way to contribute tot his, and provide an enjoyable expirience for your guests.

smart city

The inmense amount of that navigate through a city, create the opportunity for cities to transform into Smart Cities.


Beacons serve as a perfect tool to combine the offline and online world in order to provide deep insights and a better experience for your costumers.